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An Overview of Car Accident Injuries and Damages Awarded to Victims

Even minor car accident injuries can be traumatic. In addition to their physical injuries, victims may also suffer from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and other emotional traumas in the wake of a crash. Collisions and serious accidents can result in anything from minor contusions to death. At Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal, our skilled attorneys understand that even minor car accidents can be emotionally taxing and financially stressful. Our Boise, ID, practice fights on behalf of car accident victims to ensure they receive compensation to cover economic and non-economic damages resulting from their injury.

The Importance of Quality Legal Representation

In the wake of a car accident, you will have many questions:

  • Who is at fault?
  • Who will pay for my medical bills?
  • Who will reimburse my lost wages?
  • Can I receive compensation for pain and suffering?

Because so many questions need to be answered, it is critical to have a qualified attorney advocating for you. The team at Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal understand these issues inside and out. We will:

  • Examine your case – We will work to establish fault by reviewing evidence from the scene of the accident such as photographs, police reports, and witness statements. We understand how to use this evidence to negotiate a favorable settlement.
  • Seek maximum compensation – Most victims do not understand how to determine the amount of money to which they are entitled. Because even minor accidents may require ongoing medical attention, it is critical to have a legal team that understands future medical costs.
  • Mitigate the defense – The defendant’s legal team will raise a number of counter-arguments and our well-prepared attorneys will know how to respond effectively.
  • Treat you with compassion and respect – We will let you heal from your injuries while we work to settle your claims.
An x-ray illustration of whiplash
Whiplash can occur if you are rear ended and can result in limited range of motion. 

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

The head, neck, back, legs, arms, and internal organs are often subject to trauma in car accidents. Common types of car accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – Often stemming from side impact crashes, a TBI can cause permanent or temporary brain function impairment, hematoma, nerve damage, and fractures to the skull. Symptoms often include headaches, dizziness, concussions, seizures, whiplash, anxiety, depression, and difficulty recalling memories.
  • Whiplash – Usually experienced in rear end collisions, whiplash affects the soft tissues of the neck and limits head and neck motion.
  • Disc Injury – Neck and spine discs may bulge, tear, or rupture in an accident.
  • Internal Organs – The heart, lungs, kidney, ribs, and liver can all be seriously harmed in a high-impact collision.
  • Fractures – Feet, knees, ankles, legs, and hips often fracture in accidents.

Because even minor accidents may require ongoing medical attention, it is critical to have a legal team that understands future medical costs.

Damages Awarded in Car Accident Personal Injury Cases

When a driver speeds, runs a red light, weaves through traffic, or drives impaired, he or she can be held liable for their negligence should they cause an accident. Accident victims face lasting physical, financial, and emotional traumas. At Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal, we understand these burdens and work on behalf of our clients to help them accrue damages, including:

  • Medical bills – Diagnostic tests, medications, specialist visits, rehabilitation, and more
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity – Lost paychecks, loss of employment, and dim prospects for future employment
  • Pain and suffering – Anger, shock, disbelief, anxiety, depression, irritability, post-traumatic stress, social withdrawal, isolation, and more

What to Do Following a Car Accident

Immediately following a car accident, remove yourself from harm’s way if you can. Call the police and report the accident. Do not leave the scene of the accident until you have spoken with authorities and received medical attention. Not every injury is immediately apparent, and it is critical to receive medical attention regardless of how you may feel at the moment. Document as much of the accident scene as you can and exchange information with the other driver.

Once you are away from the scene of the accident, contact Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal. We will protect your rights and ensure you receive fair treatment in the wake of an accident. We will use police reports, witness statements, and all other evidence to put together a solid case and establish liability. In the end, you could receive significant restitution to help cover your costs.

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