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A Premises Liability Lawyer Can Determine Who is Responsible for Your Injury

If you become injured due to a property owner's failure to maintain safe conditions, he or she may be held responsible for your losses. Our firm has represented many clients in personal injury cases, and we can help you collect compensation in a premises liability lawsuit. You can meet with a premises liability lawyer at our Boise, ID, office to discuss your claim in greater detail. While we handle your case, you can focus your efforts on healing and recovery. Call Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal at (208) 343-7510 today or contact our office online to learn how we can help.

A fall hazard sign in the foreground of a picture where pedestrians are walking
Slip-and-fall accidents are the one of the most common injuries involved in premises liability lawsuits.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is an area of personal injury law that deals with injuries that occur on another party’s property. Generally, these injuries are serious and unavoidable. Under most circumstances, the property owner is liable for any injuries that occur on his or her property. This is especially true if it can be proven that the owner was aware of a hazardous or unsafe condition and failed to correct it or provide guests with adequate warning.

Under most circumstances, the property owner is liable for any injuries that occur on his or her property.

Where Premises Liability Injuries Occur

Premises liability injuries can happen on almost any residential or commercial property. They are more common in places like grocery stores or shopping malls where product spills and leaks happen on a regular basis. Other locations may include:

  • Businesses
  • Hotels or motels
  • Construction sites
  • Amusement parks
  • Swimming pools

Types of Premises Liability Injuries

A premises liability injury can range from minor bruises, cuts, or sprains to more severe traumas like brain injuries or spinal cord damage. These injuries can stem from exposure to toxic chemicals, poorly maintained equipment, dog bites or other animal attacks, and more. Most frequently, premises liability injuries stem from slip-and-fall accidents. Broken steps, damaged outdoor sidewalks, unsecured carpeting, damaged floorboards, and slippery tiles can all cause a slip-and-fall that results in a serious injury. They also frequently occur on escalators or elevators.

Securing Compensation for Your Injuries

To help you secure maximum compensation for your injuries, our team of attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation. In any successful premises liability claim, we must prove that you had a legal right to access the property. We must also prove that the owner acted negligently by failing to maintain the property or provide warning of hazardous conditions. Finally, we must prove that the hazardous conditions resulting from the owner’s negligence caused your injury.

Although it seems straightforward, premises liability claims are complicated. You will need an attorney on your side to help you prove the property owner’s liability. With many successful lawsuits to our credit, we can help you secure compensation for any immediate medical treatment and ongoing care for your injuries. We will also pursue damages to compensate you for any loss of income, as well any pain and suffering your injury has caused you and your family.

Meet with One of Our Personal Injury Attorneys

At Hepworth, Janis & Kluksdal, our attorneys have been practicing for many years and can protect your interests in personal injury cases. To meet with one of our attorneys, call our office at (208) 343-7510 or contact us online today. 

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