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Trust Your Case to an Experienced Medical Device Lawyer

hip x-rayMedical device manufacturers have a responsibility to the public to create products that function safely and correctly. Medical devices are designed to enhance a patient's quality of life. Too often, these devices have design defects or do not have sufficient warning labels, which puts the patient's health in jeopardy, and can lead to serious injury, or even death.

You can depend on a medical device lawyer with Hepworth, Janis, & Kluksdal in Boise, ID, to call upon years of experience and trusted contacts in the medical field to build a compelling case on your behalf. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a medical device, trust our experienced attorneys to fight for you while you focus your attention on getting well. To schedule a consultation, please contact us today

Defective Medical Device Cases in Idaho

A defective medical device is unreasonably dangerous. Defects can result from faulty manufacturing, compromised design, or failure to properly label a product as potentially dangerous. If you have been injured because of a defective medical device, you can hold the manufacturer liable for your injuries, medical bills, and other losses. 

“Trust our experienced attorneys to fight for you while you focus your attention on getting well.”

Hepworth, Janis, & Kluksdal

At Hepworth, Janis, & Kluksdal, we are assertive, proactive, and not afraid to bring your case to the courtroom. Big companies, such as the ones who make defective medical devices, can be intimidating to injured consumers and less experienced law firms. We, on the other hand, have vast experience in holding these companies accountable. With each attorney on our team bringing unique strengths, we can create a thorough and effective approach to your case. 

Recalled Medical Devices

Our law firm has successfully filed several lawsuits involving a variety of recalled medical devices:

Stryker® Hip Implant

Stryker® is a worldwide orthopaedics manufacturer that has recalled two artificial implant systems since 2012. The Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stems were recalled because of corrosive metallic components that ultimately can leach into the patient's bloodstream, tissue, and bones.

Biomet® Hip Implant

Biomet® is a medical device company that specializes in joint implants. Their hip replacements have been linked to metal poisoning. 

Sulzer Hip Implant

Sulzer Orthopedics manufactured hip implants that were contaminated with an oil residue that hindered the bonding of the implants with the joint itself. Sulzer recalled approximately 40,000 implants in December of 2000. The device caused patients to experience intense pain and difficulty accomplishing day-to-day tasks, such as walking and sitting.

Depuy Pinnacle and ASR Hip Replacement System

Depuy Orthopaedics manufactures over 200 different joint implants. However, two of their hip replacement systems have failed due to metal-on-metal construction. This faulty design can lead to infection, dislocation, immobility, and severe pain. 

Zimmer® NexGen® Knee Implant

Zimmer Holdings Inc. is a major manufacturer of joint replacement systems. They have had several product recalls, including their NexGen® knee implant. The device has had mechanical issues causing patients pain and requiring revision surgery.

Zimmer® Durom Cup® Hip Replacement

Zimmer® Holdings Inc. manufactures several hip and knee implants. They voluntarily recalled their Durom Cup® in July 2008 due to many of the implants failing prematurely. 

Zimmer® Persona® Knee Implant

Zimmer® has voluntarily recalled their defective Persona® knee implant, which has caused patients injuries including nerve damage and bone fractures. 

Our Commitment to You

Our law firm has handled numerous medical device failure cases over the last 20 years. In the past five years, companies including DePuy, Stryker, Biomet, Zimmer and others have announced recalls due to widespread failures of both hip and knee replacement devices. We have handled claims for clients in each of these recalls. The Zimmer Persona is the most recent example of a medical device that has been recalled due to widespread failures.

We are thoroughly experienced in handling complex defective medical device cases, as well as those involving defective drugs. If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by a medical device that was intended to improve your quality of life, trust your case to our skilled attorneys. Schedule a consultation today. 

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